Fire Starting

Fire Starter

Are you in need of a fire starter for your campfire? If you’re looking for versatile fire starters that come in handy no matter the situation, be it camping or cookouts, then we at Camping Gear Products have got you covered.

Products we offer

We have the Coghlans Waterproof Matches. With these, you need not worry about the weather as they are waterproof. They also don’t light accidentally as they need to be struck against the striker surface on the box. One matchbox contains 45 wooden matchsticks.

We also have the Coghlans Fire Paste. This is ideal for the cold weather as it gives a quick light no matter the temperature, be it hot or cold. Ideal for fishermen or campers and can be used even for barbecues or backyard cookouts.

Another one of our products is the Coghlans Magnesium Fire Starter. It uses magnesium which is combustible at about 2900C. This fire starter ignites materials quickly and is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like using matchsticks.

What we also offer…

On our list of products, we also have the Light-a-Fire All Natural Fire Starter that is made from food-grade wax and wood shavings. It can light a fire in any season and doesn’t leave an odour on food.

We also have the Coghlans Emergency Tinder Replacement and the NDuR TinderFire Starting Tabs. The items have 10 pieces and 18 tabs respectively. These products are waterproof and provide about 3 minutes of burn time which is more than enough time to get a fire going in less friendly conditions.


Here at Camping Gear Products, we have a selection of fire starters that are safe, fast and easy to use for lighting all fires. Whatever the situation is, let us help you get your fire started. Add to cart.