Tactical Backpacks and more!

Camping Gear Products ( is a one-stop-shop for all things outdoorsy. Based online as a budding up and coming eCommerce company, CGP strives to be a fun online shopping experience. After all, shopping online shouldn’t be a boring or stressful thing, especially when you’re planning for a trip!

First and foremost, Camping Gear Products sells many styles of backpacks, but they are not limited to only hiking, camping, and traveling gear but also cooking gear and outdoor furniture/necessities.

If you are looking for the ultimate trip gear and necessities, you’ve got it all right there at your fingertips with Camping Gear Products. Or you could just be looking for that special new backpack for your next mountain climb. Camping Gear even carries bug repellant, along with grills to cook while out in the wild. They truly want to be the first and only stop you will have to make for all of your outdoorsy needs.

Why Camping Gear Products backpacks?

If you are someone who loves camping, rock climbing, traveling, or just being outdoors, we have a backpack specifically made with you (and others like you) in mind! Our store, Camping Gear Products, sells all types and different sizes of backpacks, and we are not talking about those bookbags you purchase for school, we’re talking about those elaborate, tactical, hiking and camping backpacks. The durable ones that look like they will save your lives? Those, and they will.

This is why the backpack is so important, it’s almost the “heart” of your camping or hiking trip. You’ll use your backpack to store everything you’re bringing with you as you go – while you stay active. Most importantly of all, backpacks contain your food, drink, and emergency kits. Camping Gear knows how important your backpacks are when you live this lifestyle, and they’ve promised to build them with all of the different needs in mind.

Different Sizes

There is one quality of CGP backpacks that stand out amongst many of its competitors, they carry different sizes of backpacks. Typically, you have a “one-size fits all” bag, no matter the brand. Camping Gear provides different sizes for different people, who have different dreams in life!


Perhaps one of the best qualities of CGP backpacks is the fact they are water-resistant. Many of our experiences aren’t complete until we swim in (at least, that’s what we’ll tell our family what happened) a lake or body of water nearby, during our adventure. Since we keep our valuable items in these backpacks during our trips, it would be a huge disappointment to get our only food or our emergency kits soaked.


As I briefly mentioned before, the designers of these backpacks and the entire Camping Gear brand really had each and every detail in mind as they thought of the needs within the bags. Carrying the bags for long periods of time, up steep mountains and hills, through rain, snow, sleet, and hail – you’ll almost feel like you are carrying nothing at all. Super light-weight material and a super stylish look combined? You’ll be the talk of the trip because you’ll be the one to bring it ALL and everyone will be asking you for what you brought!

An Outdoor Lover’s Dream

Camping Gear Products provides pretty much anything you are going to need while being outdoors, while on a trip hiking or camping, and even for those who are planning and preparing for doomsday.

Start with your backpack, then build your way up by filling in your bag with all of the supplies you are going to need. You’ll never have to find another source for your outdoor or camping/hiking needs again!