Ways to Use Your Flashlight during Camping Trips

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Anyone who has ever been out in the woods after dark knows the importance of using a flashlight for camping. From guiding night hikes to creating the perfect ambiance for ghost stories, flashlights are a must-have for campers. However, there are a few extra uses for your flashlight you may not have thought of. Here are a few new ways to put your flashlight to use during your next camping trip.

There is no such thing as moonlight. The light we see at night is just sunlight that’s reflecting off the moon. Did you know that you could pull the same trick with your flashlight? No matter how powerful your flashlight may be, the illumination it provides is usually limited to a narrow beam. If you’re looking to light up your entire campsite, then that beam might not be enough. Aim your flashlight at a light-colored surface and bask in the glow. Any light surface will reflect the light right back at you, illuminating your campsite. Remember, as with the sun and moon, the light you reflect won’t be as bright as the light that comes from the initial source. Therefore, you’re going to want to make sure you have a powerful flashlight.

A light-weight, high-beam flashlight is vital to have on hand during camping trips. You never know what you may encounter when out in the wilderness.

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