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Camping is a blast – friends, family, yummy campfire food and fun camping games. Now some will say that the only way to truly experience camping is to sleep on the ground with nothing more than a pillow and a blanket. But I’m not one of those people and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I like to be able to sleep so I can enjoy all the adventures that might happen the next day. But sleeping doesn’t come easy when there is nothing but a tarp between you and the ground. So in an effort to help other campers who have the share this opinion of sleeping on the ground with me, we have found some great tent ideas to make your camping trip a little more comfortable.

  • Can’t get used to the hard earth under your tent? Soften the floor with foam floor tiles. You won’t believe the difference it makes! This also works well for keeping mud and dirt out of your floor.
  • Fill your tent with a soft lightall through the night by filling a jug with water and wrapping your head lamp around it. This’ll make the tent a not-so-scary place for kids who are afraid of the dark.
  • Keep tent zippers from stickingby rubbing them with a wax candle.
  • Are you always tripping over your tent lines because you don’t see them until you’re right thereMark themoff with pool noodles.
  • Who wants dirt tracked inside the tent? Keep a shoe basketnear the entrance to collect those dirty shoes and keep your tent floor spic and span
  • Dealing with trash bags is frustrating, but this pop-up trash canusing a hamper is a brilliant idea. (You may want to use rope to tie it to something to keep it from blowing away.) But even better, you should use this same trick inside the tent to hold dirty clothes during your stay.