Thinking about Buying an Outdoor Grill?

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The Grill is at the center of every great barbeque. Whether it’s a family reunion or dinner for two, there is nothing better than sizzling hot food from your backyard grill. The core of any good grill is the cooking system. A well made charcoal grill will contain a sturdy, heavy-duty, plated steel cooking grate and a charcoal grate to place the briquettes on. There should be a lid with air vents as well. For free standing, non-portable, gas grill, you should look for models that have two or more separate burners (not just control knobs), which allow greater heat control. Smaller, portable and electric models may have fewer burners but should still have solutions for temperature control and emit even, consistent heat.

All grills should also have an efficient grease or ash collection system to keep the heat source clear of any clogs and any run-off juices from making a mess of your gorgeous grill. The best systems quickly flash the drippings, eliminating flare-ups and creating flavorful smoke. The first thing you’ll want to decide is what type of grill to purchase: charcoal, gas or electric. This is really a matter of preference. Each type of grill has its advantages. And no matter which you choose – you’ll be ready to start cooking in the great outdoors!