The Basic Camping and Campfire Cookware You Need

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The Basic Camping and Campfire Cookware You Need

Campfire Cookware – Starter Pieces and More
There are two kinds of camp cooks; ones that do it because it’s their turn, and ones that do it because they enjoy it as much as any other part of outdoor camping.

But regardless of which one you are, your collection of camping cookware has to start with the basics.

  • A frying pan
  • A large pot and a small pot – with lids
  • A spatula and a large serving spoon
  • A large kitchen knife
  • **It isn’t a piece of cookware but you will need a campfire cooking grill somewhere along the line if you will be camping more than once

That’s it, with those basic items you can prepare most of the camp foods used in the majority of camping meal menus.

Of course you can get by with less, like only a pot to boil water in for instant oatmeal three times a day, or you could have a lot more, like; cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens, and reversible griddles. But the basics above are usually how it all starts.

Realistically there are a few more things that should be included with the basics:

  • A cutting board – not a small one, but at least a medium one about 12″ x 18″ or so.
  • A smaller paring knife, and maybe a fillet knife
  • A pair of tongs
  • A ladle
  • Another serving spoon, (or two), and a cooking fork. (looks like a large version of a regular table fork)
  • A campfire coffee pot