Out Camping? Here’s How To Build A Campfire.

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Out Camping? Here’s How To Build A Campfire.

If you have embarked upon a camping adventure before, you’d know camping is a holistic activity that revitalizes the mind and feeds the soul.Who wouldn’t love building a campfire and toasting marshmallows in it? Or sleep in the sound of crackling wood? I bet, everybody will. Camping is never complete without a campfire. However, the thing that isn’t comforting about camping is struggling to get the campfire burning. That said if you want to master the flame, read on these below-mentioned steps. Imagine the smell, the warmth, the dazzling flames, the music, the company, roasted marshmallows, the campfire cooked meal, and everything related to camping. Sounds exciting? Of course, it does. And that’s why bush craft and survival experts have carefully crafted this guide so that you know what to do on your next camping trip.

How can you build a fire at your campsite effectively?

Building a campfire has a two-way benefit! You get protection from the wild and have an unbelievable camping experience.

  1. Safety:

First things first, you need to be secure. You will be handling fire after all. Make sure that the fire is not near any bush or trees! Set a minimum of a 10-foot perimeter around the fire pit. Or you could start a wildfire. The area in the perimeter should have nothing but dirt, so strip it of all the grass. The next thing is to keep an eye on the fire, till it goes out completely. Never leave it unattended!

  1. Gather the Supplies:

You can build a small fire with some bushcraft skills, but that is not the main aim. You are out for a camping trip, not a survival endeavor. Carry all the materials you need and use some natural material as well, like wood.

Here is the list of supplies you’ll need:

★   Matchsticks: Try to carry the ones that are damp-proof. You never know when it may rain! It is better to be safe than sorry.

★   Tinder: For this, you’ll need to find a good camping knife! Knives can be a trusty aid to build a fire. Use a camping knife to gather all the tinder. (Tinder includes small twigs and sticks.)

★   Main Logs: These act as the fuel to keep the fire burning until you want the campfire to stay lit. For gathering main logs, again, a knife could come handy. Just make sure that you know the rules and regulations for carrying a knife. You need an enjoyable experience, not one full of hassles.

★   Water: When you want to put the fire out, you will need water. So, keep a portable water tank in your backpack.

Now, that you know about the supplies, here is a small guideline to build a fire:

➢     Place a tinder bundle in the middle of the fire pit.

➢     Next, place the kindling on the top of the tinder, but make sure you leave a spot to reach the tinder. Place it all in a traditional teepee design.

➢     Now keep adding more branches to the kindling, maintaining the traditional teepee design.

➢     Set a spark to the tinder bundle and add some more fuel if needed.

Once you have the campfire lit to enjoy the night, you can share spooky stories and play some exciting campfire games. You don’t have to worry about wild animals, or the cold weather, or some natural light in the dark (yes, the perks are many!). Just enjoy your camping trip with a warm and cozy fire!

Do not forget to pack your pant and your favorite pair of tactical boots to have an uninterruptedly exciting camping experience.


Out Camping? Here’s How To Build A Campfire.
Out Camping? Here’s How To Build A Campfire.